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Investing in Art: Pleasure and Profit

For those who are seeking new investment opportunities, art is an exciting option. Investing in a piece that gives pleasure and joy but can later be sold at a profit is a worthwhile idea. Readers of this blog will discover how to go about the process, what to look for in terms of a return of investment, which artists will increase in value, and much more. In addition, well-written articles will discuss whether to focus on contemporary artists or to collect only one category, such as nature. Other helpful information will include how to insure your artworks.

Learning the Value of a Painting

23 Mar 2022

Investing in art can certainly be lucrative, but how do you know the actual value of a painting? There are many factors that go in to this, such as whether it is signed, the condition of the frame, and if the actual paint is cracked.

Selling Paintings for Profit

15 Feb 2022

Although it is relatively easy to buy paintings, even at local auctions, selling them on for a profit is more challenging. Knowing what is going to be in demand in the future is a skill that comes with experience; there is no specific formula to follow.

Adding Artwork to Your Investment Portfolio

9 Jan 2022

With paintings fetching millions of dollars at auction, now is the best time to consider adding artwork to your investments. First and foremost, you have to actually like the piece of art you are buying, as you will be living with it for some time.

How to Invest in Fine Art

6 Dec 2021

When looking for a place to invest money, most people won't consider the option of buying fine art. This may be due more to their lack of knowledge on the subject than any other reason. However, a little research reveals it is surprisingly easy to buy artwork as an investment.